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info on Philippines' geography,people, economy etc...


Filipino news from Manila Bulletin, Asian Journal and more

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Links to funny sites, icluding the Filipino Test

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Famous Filipinos and Filipinas 

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If you've been here before, you can see I changed this page. Hope you like the new look!


Travel guide, includes pictures of the beautiful land

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A listing of sites dedicated to the Philippines  UNDER CONSTRUCTION


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Summer 1999

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balut.roosters.GMA.Pera or Bayong.coconut contests.mangos.guava.rice paddies.chickens.pandesal. nido.bagoong.ube ice cream.lanzones.singkamas.beach.fishball.Baguio.Burnham Park.Jolibee.Mcdo.Sharon Cuneta. gumamelas.rain.centermall.parya. nestle. mami noodles. white rabbit. sipa. bold. green. saging. bangus. nuang. cherries. Jing-Jing. japorms. rivers. little fishes. 
 photo credits:
banawe rice terraces from
family pictures from my sister's homepage 
dancing pic from Filipiniana
animated gif from tripod

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