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Welcome to my page! I hope you will enjoy it.  This page is just a collection of the many things, which I think will help you make your webpage.  I hope you find something useful. 
animated gifs
  ANimated Gifs  very nice 
 Animation Factory  cutes stuffs in it like this... 
 Animation Grove  cute cartoon collection, 
 Big GIF ANimation collection BIG! 
 Electric Gifs 
 Animation Library  good collections 
There are many web sites that give people free clipart for their pages. You might want to try and search, and manke sure you type in "clipart", it gives you more things that you want,  
a little list of big clipart collections.  Some of the images on the right have links, that can take u where I found them!! 
WebClipart  huge collection  
 Clipart search  excellent  
 Internet Clipart Collection  
Free Homepages
 Angelfire the best!***** 
 Tripod  very generous gives you 11K of space! ***** 
 XOOM another generous one, **** 
 Geocities very poular **** 

 Lpage good, sometimes, reliable page 
  DreamBook cute, and reliable service